Our philosophy

We understand the challenges you face.

Entrepreneurs necessarily take risks in business, but should make informed decisions. Fundamentally, legal advice is an important—but not the only—input into the business decisions that founders and business leaders need to make.

We offer timely, actionable advice.

The best lawyers are solutions-oriented, helping drive outcomes rather than writing memos. We strive to render timely, comprehensible, and most importantly actionable advice that is oriented towards fast-paced operators.

We pursue forward-thinking approaches.

Lawyers in fast-developing areas need to be creative to find solutions. We constantly stay on top of the latest regulatory and legislative developments in order to arm ourselves with creative solutions to the regulatory challenges that founders face. We also strive to think outside the box to find the right solutions for every client.

We embrace cutting-edge technology.

A modern law firm needs to stay up to date with technology and “practice what we preach” but using a modern suite of AI and collaboration tools to stay connected with clients.

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© 2024 Rains LLP

© 2024 Rains LLP